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We had a biG dream

Your Child is the first priority, please don't say OK to any babysitter you find. Your kid's safety is the number one priority. We have selected a collection of trained and educated nannies; who are

Professional, Certified, and Supervised.

NannyNearby Team

Our team includes professional experienced nannies from all over the world.


We would love to make and keep a variety of people, nationalities, skills, and interests. Our nannies have been in the industry, working with multicultural families and volunteering in daycares and that made us think of building a platform that provides a safe, caring, and respectful environment for our local children and parents.


Having hands-on experience of working with a variety of families and connecting with other babysitters gave us an opportunity to understand the importance of high level and clear communication between the Agency, Nanny, and Parents. 

For this reason, we established a line of service that is absolutely customized based on parents' and children's needs. Now we are a team that works on your behalf to discover a qualified super nanny.

We are proud to be in your loved one's service. We care about your family's health as we care about ours.

Our Mission

Build the most trusted platform for children's care. is a Vancouver-based nanny agency that connects professional and high-quality nannies to parents who need help for their loved ones to be taken care of at any time. Our master team selects nannies, interviews them then keeps them on file for your rainy days. We train nannies with Health Care professionals to make sure they reach a high quality of care. 

The level of accuracy and punctuality is what our team is all about.

For this, we have selected our team based on the criteria. We don't accept every application, we choose the right candidate based on your family's needs.

We have a worldwide experienced team. Our team members have well-travelled to, educated, and lived in many big cities of the world from Amsterdam to Vancouver. This made us strongly believe that the future of our world is nowhere else but in our kids' hands! So, our mission is to prepare them today for a brighter, safer, and more peaceful world of tomorrow. 


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